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Workpackage 9: Technological Progress and Innovation (12 months)


  • Provide the quantitative inputs for the EU KLEMS Productivity Database on a country-by-country basis with respect to measures of technology, intangible inputs and foreign direct investment at industry level.
  • Analyse the relation of these new variables to productivity measures.

    Description of work
    Develop measures of R&D expenditure by industry, and in particular consider efforts to capitalize R&D as an asset, if possible by making a distinction between domestic and foreign R&D.

    Develop estimates of embodied technology, through the use of input-output tables.

    Review other work by Canberra II group on non-financial assets, including patented entities, licenses, and purchased goodwill, and provide new measures.

    Develop other measures on innovation activity and innovation cooperation.

    Develop measures of human resources in science and technology

    Develop measures of patent use by Industry of Manufacture and Sector of Use

    Econometric analysis of complementarity or substitutability of public innovation support and R&D expenditure, and how public innovation support affects the productivity effects of private R&D.

    Investigate the relation between productivity growth and R&D through linking differences in maturity through data on entry, exit and firm growth (from WP10), which are variables that are closely linked to the product life cycle stages.

    Explain differences in the degree of soft innovation (e.g. the formation of process capital and customer capital, see above) by differences in ICT-use variables as taken from the EU KLEMS Productivity Database.

    Sources for R&D are primarily OECD ANBERD and national R&D statistics. For patent use data on OECD, see Johnson (2002) ( Other innovation measures are from EU Community Innovation Survey.

    Primary Contact
    Bart Los, University of Groningen

    Workpackage Material

  • Bart Los (2005), Research Ideas for WP9 in the EU KLEMS project
  • Presentation Brussels Meeting 1 December 2005
  • Carolina Castaldi & Bart Los (2005), Do Important Home-Made Innovations Affect Productivity Growth? Some Industry-Level Explorations, paper for WP9 Conference
  • Robert Inklaar, Robert McGuckin, Bart van Ark and Sean Dougherty (RUG and The Conference Board), The Structure of Business R&D: Recent Trends and Measurement Implications
  • Robert Stehrer & Michael Landesmann (2005), The effects of factor and sector biased technical change revisited, WIIW Vienna

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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