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EU KLEMS Project

Workpackage 5: Development of EU KLEMS Database (24 months)


  • Integration of data from WP1-4 and WP8 into a database that can be used to calculate related measures of output, inputs and productivity.
  • Make database available for internal use by consortium, European Commission and restricted number of third parties between months 15 and 24, from month 24 database is public.

    Description of work
    Development of a system where meta-data describing the underlying data sources and the relationships between the various classification schemes (industries, labour input categories, asset-types) and between the economic concepts (output, intermediate inputs, factor inputs, PPPs) are separated from the statistical routines and growth accounting algorithms used to manipulate the data.

    Development of methods to treat confidential and proprietary data separate from public data, and to distinguish between statistical and analytical module of the database.

    Application of database software using SQL – Structured Query Language.

    Develop methods for integration of results with KLEMS databases outside EU, including U.S., Canada and Japan.

    Development of internal and external access to EU KLEMS Productivity Database.

    Primary Contact
    Eric Bartelsman, Economic and Social Institute, Free University Amsterdam

    Questions on issues related to data content can be posed to:
    Marcel Timmer ( on WP1
    Kate Robinson ( on WP2
    Mary O’Mahony ( on WP3

    Questions on issues related to the technical aspects of the database (including requirements on data transfer) can be posed to:
    Ton van Moergastel (
    Data transfers should also be to Ton van Moergastel (

    EUKLEMS WP5 Background papers

  • Mary O'Mahony and Marcel Timmer (2005), Productivity Measurement, National Accounts Data and the System of National Accounts: Lessons from the EUKLEMS-project, Paper Prepared for the 29th General Conference of The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth
  • Bart van Ark (2005), THE EU KLEMS PROJECT, Towards an Integrated System of Growth, Productivity and National Accounts for the European Union, paper for the OECD Workshop in Madrid
  • University of Groningen, NIESR and Free University Amsterdam (2005) Guidelines for Data Delivery, version 1
    -Template for data delivery for WP 3
    -Classification and concordances

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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    Last changed on: 4 August 2006