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Workpackage 3: Capital Flow Accounts (24 months)


  • Provide the quantitative inputs for the EU KLEMS Productivity Database on a country-by-country basis with respect to investment, capital stock and capital services at industry level.
  • Carry out methodological research related to measurement of capital input, in particular the determinants of user cost measures (depreciation patterns, rates of return, impact of tax regimes).

    Description of work
    Obtain measures of investment in seven asset categories (IT equipment, communication equipment, other machinery, transport equipment, software, non-res. structures, dwellings), subsequent estimation of capital stocks and user costs of these asset categories.

    Development of price indices for investment and user cost to obtain capital services. The latter are based on internal rate of return, depreciation patterns, tax schemes, and capital gains. Obtain measures of total capital compensation

    Sources for investment and capital measures are national accounts, OECD STAN, GGDC and NIESR databases, where possible extended to obtain greater industry detail and additional breakdowns on the basis of I/O tables (using commodity flow methods) and production statistics.

    Methodological research may focus on topics including measurement of software; treatment of owner occupied housing; analysis of role of land and inventories; hedonic price measures for ICT capital inputs (computers, communication equipment, software see also WP1); age of physical capital stock; age- efficiency profiles; role of taxation differences; ex post vs. ex ante returns; determination of the definitive research agenda depend on key priorities emerging from data construction (during months 2 and 9).

    Primary Contact
    Mary O'Mahony, NIESR

    The questionnaire that has been send to all consortium members can be downloaded here (password protected).

    EU KLEMS WP3 Data

  • Complete EU KLEMS database
  • Capital input files (password protected)
  • WP3 UK file description, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ONS_National_Accounts_48-02, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ONSACOP_70-79.xls, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ONSACOP_79-92.xls, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ONSACOP_93-97.xls, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ONS_Business_Monitors_70-98.xls, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ONS_ABI_98-03.xls, 11 October 2005
        -WP3_ICT_UK_48-03.xls, 11 October 2005
    Download all files above in a zip-file.

  • EU KLEMS WP3 background papers

  • Schmalwasser, O. and M. Schidlowski (2007), Measuring Capital in Germany, Statistisches Bundesamt (2007) (NEW)
  • University of Groningen, NIESR and Free University Amsterdam (2005) Guidelines for Data Delivery, version 1
    -Template for data delivery for WP 3
    -Classification and concordances
  • Oulton, N. (2005), Ex ante versus ex post measures of the user cost of capital, version June 2005
  • Mas, M. (2005), Note on public capital, rate of return, and growth accounting. Anyone's comments are welcome and can be posted on the Discussion forum.
  • Overview Data availability WP3, based on questionnaires.
  • Oulton, N. (2005), Note on WP3
  • Oulton, N. (2005), Ex ante versus ex post measures of the user cost of capital. Anyone's comments are welcome and can be posted on the Discussion forum.
  • Oulton, N. (2004), Short note about income share calculations.
  • IFS tax data descriptions and accompanying tables

  • Other useful background papers

  • Statistical Commission and Economic Commission for Europe (2004), Survey of National Practives in Estimating Service Lives of Capital Assets, CES/AC.68/2004/18, Paper presented on the joint meeting of national accounts in Geneva, 28-30 April
    -Appendices to this paper: UNECE survey of national practices in estimating service lives of capital assets, Assets categories
  • Aspden, C. (2004), Report of 2004 OECD Software Survey, OECD, STD/NAES(2004)22
  • Working party on National Accounts (2004), Relevant papers on transfer cost, tax credits etc., 2004 OECD Working Party on National Accounts Meeting
  • OECD Manual (2001), Measuring Capital, Measurement of Capital Stock, Consumption of Fixed Capital and Capital Services, OECD
  • Schreyer, P. (2003), Capital Stocks, Capital Services and Multifactor Productivity Measures, OECD Statistics Directorate
  • CPA Classification

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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