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Workpackage 2: Labour Accounts (24 months)


  • Provide the quantitative inputs for the EU KLEMS Productivity Database on a country-by-country basis with respect to quantity and price structure of labour at industry level.
  • Carry out methodological research related to the measurement of labour input, in particular measurement of skills.

    Description of work
    Obtain measures of total number of persons engaged (including full-time and part-time distinction) and average and total number of actual hours worked.

    Breakdown of labour quantity into gender, age (3-4 categories), and level of educational attainment (3 or more categories). Development of industry-by-occupation matrices.

    Obtain measures of total labour compensation.

    Sources for labour quantity measures are national accounts, OECD STAN, GGDC and NIESR databases, where possible extended to obtain greater industry detail (see Appendix B) and additional breakdowns on the basis of national, OECD and EU labour force surveys, new EU hours of work survey.

    Methodological research may focus on topics including consistency of employment from enterprise/establishment based surveys, household surveys and national accounts, definition of full-time and part-time employment, analysis of average working hours (e.g., with time use surveys). The primary focus will be a comparison of categories of educational attainment between EU and US, including vocational education. It will consider the usefulness of occupation classifications in considering demand for certain types of labour such as IT workers and its possible use as a refinement of skill measures. Determination of the definitive research agenda depends on key priorities emerging from meetings on data construction (during months 2 and 9).

    Primary Contact
    Mary O'Mahony, NIESR

    EU KLEMS Issues

  • The questionnaire that has been send to all consortium members can be downloaded here (password protected).

  • EU KLEMS WP2 data

  • Complete EU KLEMS database
  • Labour input files (password protected)

    EU KLEMS WP2 background papers

  • University of Groningen, NIESR and Free University Amsterdam (2005) Guidelines for Data Delivery, version 1
    -Classification and concordances
  • Overview Data Availability WP2, based on questionnaires
  • O'Mahony, M. (2005), Note on WP2

  • Other useful background papers

  • Lequiller, F. (2004), Using National Accounts for Productivity Analysis, OECD Statistics Directorate, STD/NAES(2004)6
  • Public Investments and Private Returns to Education (PuRE) Project, Final Report
  • List of contributors to Education and Earnings in Europe: A Cross Country Analysis of the Returns to Education
  • O'Mahony, M. and B. van Ark, eds.(2003), EU Productivity and Competitiveness: An Industry Perspective Can Europe Resume the Catching-up Process?, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg
  • O'Mahony, M., C. Robinson and M. Vecchi (2003), The impact of ICT on the Demand for Skilled Labour: A cross country comparison

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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