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EU KLEMS Project

Workpackage 10: Linkages with Micro Databases (12 months)


  • Integrate (existing) micro measures of within industry firm-level distributions with the EU-KLEMS data.
  • Conduct empirical work using the augmented EU KLEMS data to explore recent theoretical models linking growth to firm dynamics and heterogeneity.
  • Facilitate the analysis of productivity in work package 9 on technology and innovation by providing firm-level data.
  • Investigate potential to use firm level data in future updates of EU KLEMS Productivity Database.

    Description of work
    Provide firm level estimates from existing databases, such as those collated for OECD and other statistical sources.

    Including Eurostat estimates of firm turnover.

    Microdata based measures augment the EU-KLEMS database by including higher moments and covariances of the underlying micro-level distributions of variables. Examples of the measures that will be included are decompositions of productivity growth into between-firm reallocations and firm entry and exit, the average productivity level of the top quartile (in productivity) of firms, and average firm-level growth by initial productivity quartile and post-entry growth rates of firms. These indicators will vary by country, industry, and year.

    Update recent literature suggesting that within-industry reallocations of resources are more important than between industry shifts, particularly in developed countries.

    Use data to see if firms in an industry respond more to the productivity at the national frontier or to the global frontier as proxied by the highest productivity level among the top quartile of national firms across all countries.

    Experiment with use of firm level data as an input into future updating and implementation of EU KLEMS Productivity Database, for example through alternative classifications of industries, labour components or asset types. This should also include a design of a protocol that will allow future updates of the productivity database with indicators aggregated up the micro-data sources in member countries

    Primary Contact
    Eric Bartelsman, Economic and Social Institute, Free University Amsterdam

    Workpackage Material

  • Eric Bartelsman and Karin Bouwmeester (2005), Research Ideas for WP10 in the EU KLEMS project

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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    Last changed on: 22 December 2005