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EU KLEMS Project

Workpackage 1: Interindustry Accounts (24 months)


  • Provide the quantitative inputs for the EU KLEMS Productivity Database on a country-by-country basis with respect to output and intermediate inputs at industry level.
  • Develop guidelines for harmonization of I/O tables across countries.
  • Integration of imports and exports as part of I/O table construction.
  • Carry out methodological research related to measurement of output and intermediate inputs, in particular linkage of measures from national accounts and I/O tables.

    Description of work
    Obtain measures of gross output and intermediate inputs value at industry level. Output should preferably be at basic prices and intermediate inputs at purchaser prices. Intermediate inputs broken down into energy inputs, material inputs and service inputs.

    Obtain measures of output and intermediate input prices to deflate value series.

    Develop guidelines on basis of international conventions, including SNA93, ESA95 and Eurostat Handbook on Input-Output Tables.

    Harmonize procedures and sources for data on balance of payments, trade data, etc., with I/O tables.

    Sources are Input-Output Tables for individual countries, from Eurostat and OECD; GGDC and NIESR databases, where possible extended to obtain greater industry detail (see Appendix A) and additional breakdowns on the basis of census/industry survey information.

    Methodological research may focus on topics including measurement of output in services (market services and public services), aggregation issues and sectoral output (for Domar weighting), the existence of value added functions, the consistency of double-deflated estimates of value added with official estimates of value added volume series, double deflation in relative price measurement implications of price concepts (basic prices, factor cost, purchaser prices, and related treatment of taxes and subsidies), relationship between output and input prices of similar items, treatment of financial intermediation services, treatment of imputed rent, measurement of quality change and in particular the use of hedonic prices for ICT output and inputs (see also WP3). Determination of the definitive research agenda depend on key priorities emerging from meetings on data construction (in months 2 and 9).

    Primary Contact
    Marcel Timmer, University of Groningen

    EU KLEMS WP1 Data

  • Timmer, M.P. (2005), EUKLEMS Roadmap WP1, 12 October 2005
  • Van Moergastel, A.P.A. and M.P. Timmer (2005), Revised Data Delivery Guidelines, 27 September 2005
        -Example Data Series Netherlands 1970-2004
        -Example Supply Table Netherlands 2003
        -Example Use Table Netherlands 2003

  • EUKLEMS WP1 Background papers

  • Jalava, Jukka (2006), Production, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary: Finnish Growth and Structural Change, 1860-2004 (NEW)
  • Oulton, N. (1999), The Measurement of Output and Prices In the Service Sector, London School of Economics
  • Kratena, K. (2006), Deflation of Supply and Use Tables (WP1 Austria), WIFO
  • Beutel, J. (2005), Compilation of supply and use tables at basic prices, version 2, 5 August 2005
    -Transformation models
  • Timmer, M.P. (2005), Interindustry Accounts in EU KLEMS, version 2, 23 June 2005
  • Milana, C. (2005), A Note on Valuation of Intermediate Input in the EU KLEMS project, June 2005
  • University of Groningen, NIESR and Free University Amsterdam (2005), Guidelines for Data Delivery, version 1, 30 June 2005
    -Classification and concordances
  • Kratena, K. (2005), Intrapolating Supply and Use Tables with Bi-Proportional Methods, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, June 2005
  • Toivola, S. and A. Pasanen (2005), Compilation of the Finnish Inter-industry Accounts for 1970-1994, Statistics Finland
  • Timmer, M.P. (2005), New industry classification proposal with motivation, 24 March 2005
  • Timmer, M.P. (2005), Proposal for framework of interindustry accounts, note prepared for second DC meeting, version 21 february 2005.
  • Overview Data availability WP1, based on questionnaires, 16 February 2005
  • University of Groningen and NIESR (2005), Questionnaire for Data availability, 30 November 2004
  • Aulin-Ahmavaara, Pakarinen and Toivola (2004), Integrated industry-level and aggregate TFP-measures: different approaches, mimeo presented in London meeting, August 2004.
  • Aulin-Ahmavaara, P. and S. Toivola (2005), On the construction of time-series of inter-industry accounts for EU-economies with value added tax, mimeo, 22 February 2005
  • Aulin-Ahmavaara, P. (2004), Collected notes on WP 1, 20 July 2004
  • Ho, M. and P. Aulin-Ahmavaara (2004), Discussion on WP 1: Output, input, supply, demand and prices, 2004.

  • Other useful background papers

  • Wolfl, A. (2005), The Service Economy in OECD Countries, OECD STI Paper.
  • Wolfl, A. (2003), Productivity Growth in Service Industries: an Assesment of Recent Patterns and the Role of Measurement, OECD STI Paper.
  • Baldwin, J. and T. Harchaoui, The Integration of the Canadian Productivity Accounts within the System of National Accounts: Current Status and Challenges Ahead, Statistics Canada, SSRN Electronic Paper Collection
  • United Nations Statistics Division, System of National Accounts 1993
  • European Commission, European System of National Accounts 95 (ESA 95)
  • EUROSTAT (2002), The ESA 95 Input-Output Manual, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, STI Working paper 2004/9 (zipfile, password protected)
  • Triplett, J. (2004), Handbook of Hedonics, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, STI Working paper 2004/9
  • OECD Manual (2001), Measuring Productivity, Measurement of Aggregate and Industry-level Productivity, OECD Paris
  • EUROSTAT (2001), Handbook on Volume and Price Measures in National Accounts, Luxembourg, Office of Official Publications of the European Communities
  • Jorgenson, D.W. and J. S. Landefeld (2004), Blueprint for an expanded and integrated set of accounts for the United States

  • National I-O tables on the web


    Published tables

    Canada (Statistics Canada) Historical National Input-Output tables 1961-1996 (not for free!)
    Finland (Statistics Finland) Input-Output and Supply and Use tables 1995-2001
    Germany (Statistisches Bundesamt) Input-Output and Supply and Use tables 2000
    Ireland (CSO) Input-Output and Supply and Use tables 1998
    Spain (INE) Supply and Use tables 1995-2000

    Input-Output table 1995
    Sweden (SCB) Input Output tables 1995 and 2000

    Supply and Use tables 1995-2001
    UK (ONS) Input-Output and Supply and Use tables 1992-2002

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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