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EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts: Statistical Module, ESA 2010 and ISIC Rev. 4 industry classification

December 2016 revision

For a summary overview of the methodology and construction of the EU KLEMS database, see:

Kirsten Jäger
EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts 2016 release - Description of Methodology and General Notes

December 2016

When using this data, please cite this source.


This revision includes the December 2016 update from Eurostat where many gaps in output and capital data in 2014 were filled besides other revisions.

In addition, various sectoral aggregates were adjusted to keep consistency with previous releases of EU KLEMS.

The series presented on this page are part of two updates of the EU KLEMS Productivity and Growth Accounts on industry level in 2016 and 2017.

Concepts and methodologies to calculate the various growth and productivity variables in the 2016 EU KLEMS release were adjusted to the new European System of National Accounts (ESA 2010). The 2016 release has a number of new features:

  • Time period: 1995-2014 for most countries and industries
  • The data on output, value added and employment is nearly fully consistent with Eurostat at the corresponding industry levels - if not mentioned otherwise in the country notes below.
  • The data on gross fixed capital formation, prices, and capital stocks is nearly fully consistent with Eurostat at the corresponding industry levels - if not mentioned otherwise in the country notes below. This means that capital stock measures are not fully harmonized on the basis of common assumptions to compute capital services as in earlier modules of EU KLEMS.
  • The asset types were modified and extended according to the ESA 2010 requirements.
  • For labour services use has been made of the micro-data underlying the European Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the Structure of Earning Survey (SES) for recent years.

Sources and methods

The EU KLEMS updates in the new ISIC Rev. 4 industry classification are being done on a country by country basis. Documentation will be provided separately for each country and release. New releases for all 28 EU member states, the United States, possibly Japan, and several aggregates will be available in summer 2017 to the extent possible.

Content of the files:

Basic File:
Basic output, input and productivity data for 34 industries and 8 aggregates according to the ISIC Rev. 4 industry classification.
Capital Input File:
Contains additional information on investments and capital stocks for the same industry level as the basic file.
Labour Input File:
Contains additional information on several types of labour for more aggregate sectors.
Sources and Notes:
Contains notes with source descriptions and additional notes.

Country Basic File Capital Input File Labour Input File Sources and Notes Release Date
Austria AUT Basic 2016 AUT Capital 2016 AUT Labour 2016 AUT Sources 2016 December 2016
Belgium BEL Basic 2016 Not Available Not Available BEL Sources 2016 December 2016
Finland FIN Basic 2016 FIN Capital 2016 FIN Labour 2016 FIN Sources 2016 December 2016
France FRA Basic 2016 FRA Capital 2016 FRA Labour 2016 FRA Sources 2016 December 2016
Germany GER Basic 2016 GER Capital 2016 GER Labour 2016 GER Sources 2016 December 2016
Italy ITA Basic 2016 ITA Capital 2016 ITA Labour 2016 ITA Sources 2016 December 2016
Netherlands NLD Basic 2016 NLD Capital 2016 NLD Labour 2016 NLD Sources 2016 December 2016
Spain ESP Basic 2016 ESP Capital 2016 ESP Labour 2016 ESP Sources 2016 January 2017
Sweden SWE Basic 2016 SWE Capital 2016 SWE Labour 2016 SWE Sources 2016 December 2016
United Kingdom UK Basic 2016 UK Capital 2016 UK Labour 2016 UK Sources 2016 December 2016

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