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EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts: November 2009 Release, updated March 2011

For a summary overview of the methodology and construction of the EU KLEMS database, see: O’Mahony, Mary and Marcel P. Timmer (2009), “Output, Input and Productivity Measures at the Industry Level: the EU KLEMS Database”, Economic Journal, 119(538), pp. F374-F403

For more details and analysis, see: Timmer, Inklaar , O'Mahony and van Ark, Economic Growth in Europe, Cambridge University Press, 2010

Sources and methods:

The November 2009 release provides data up to 2007. The sources used for the update are from the National Accounts and obtained from National Statistical Institutes, Eurostat and EU KLEMS consortium partners. The consortium partners are named in the last column of the table below. The updates for detailed intermediate inputs as for detailed labour inputs are not provided at this point and will be added in the next update. This data is available in the March 2008 Release. A detailed description of methods and sources used for the EU KLEMS database can be found here:

A description of variables and starting year for each variable in the November 2009 release can be found here:

A description of the March 2011 update of the November 2009 release can be found here:

Downloadable country files in Excel:

Files indicated by (09I) contain data at the level of 32 industries and various aggregations. Files indicated by (09II) provide data at the 72 industry level for all non growth accounting variables. Data files in the first column include standard industry aggregates (basic files). Data files in the second column called "Additional Industry Aggregations" include alternative industry aggregations such as market versus non-market, goods versus services and ICT production. The third column contains the capital input files that provide data on investment, capital stock and capital services. Detailed data on labour input (workers and wages by industry, age, gender and educational attainment) are only available up to 2005 in the March 2008 Release release (Labour input files). The last column contains a link to the consortium partner that provided (part of) the underlying data sets for a particular country.

Country Basic Files Additional Industry Aggregations Capital Input Files Consortium Partner
Australia AUS Basic 09I AUS Add. 09I AUS Capital 09I GGDC
Australia Note: The investment data is based on obsolete vintages of ABS data. Estimates based on series from the 2009 NA revision will be provided next year.
Austria AUT Basic 09II AUT Add. 09I AUT Capital 09I GGDC
Belgium BEL Basic 09II BEL Add. 09I Confidential FPB
Belgium Update FPB has revised the data for Belgium. The updated file can be found on their website.
Canada Canadian EU KLEMS files are available in the March 2008 release. Statistics Canada
Cyprus CYP Basic 09I CYP Add. 09I   GGDC
Czech Republic CZE Basic 09II CZE Add. 09I CZE Capital 09I WIIW
Denmark DNK Basic 09II DNK Add. 09I DNK Capital 09I GGDC
Estonia EST Basic 09II EST Add. 09I   GGDC
Finland FIN Basic 09II FIN Add. 09I FIN Capital 09I STATFI
France FRA Basic 09II FRA Add. 09I Confidential CEPII
Germany GER Basic 09II GER Add. 09I GER Capital 09I DIW
Greece GRC Basic 09II GRC Add. 09I   GGDC
Hungary HUN Basic 09II HUN Add. 09I Confidential WIIW
Ireland IRL Basic 09II IRL Add. 09I Confidential University of Birmingham
Italy ITA Basic 09II ITA Add. 09I ITA Capital 09I ISTAT
Japan JPN Basic 09I JPN Add. 09I JPN Capital 09i JIP database
Korea KOR Basic 09I KOR Add. 09I   GGDC
Latvia LVA Basic 09II LVA Add. 09I   GGDC
Lithuania LTU Basic 09II LTU Add. 09I   GGDC
Luxembourg LUX Basic 09II LUX Add. 09I   GGDC
Malta MLT Basic 09I MLT Add. 09I   GGDC
Netherlands NLD Basic 09II NLD Add. 09I NLD Capital 09I CBS
Poland POL Basic 09II POL Add. 09I   WIIW
Portugal PRT Basic 09II PRT Add. 09I   GGDC
Slovak Republic SVK Basic 09II SVK Add. 09I   WIIW
Slovenia SVN Basic 09II SVN Add. 09I SVN Capital 09I WIIW
Spain ESP Basic 09II ESP Add. 09I ESP Capital 09I IVIE
Sweden SWE Basic 09II SWE Add. 09I SWE Capital 09I STATSWE
United Kingdom UK Basic 09II UK Add. 09I UK Capital 09I University of Birmingham
United States (NAICS based) USA-NAICS Basic 09I Rev. USA-NAICS Add. 09I Rev. USA-NAICS Capital 09I Rev. GGDC

Country Groups Basic files Additional files
EU-15* EU15 Basic 09II EU15 Add. 09I
EU-15ex (growth accounting)** EU15ex Basic 09II EU15ex Add. 09I
EU-10*** EU10 Basic 09II EU10 Add. 09I
EU-25**** EU25 Basic 09II EU25 Add. 09I
Eurozone***** EURO Basic 09II EURO Add. 09I
EurozoneEx (growth accounting)****** EUROex Basic 09II EUROex Add. 09I

(*) EU-15 represents the EU member states as of 1 January 1995, namely: AUT, BEL, DNK, ESP, FIN, FRA, GER, GRC, IRL, ITA, LUX, NLD, PRT, SWE & UK.
(**) EU-15ex represents the EU15 member states for which growth accounting could be performed, namely: AUT, BEL, DNK, ESP, FIN, FRA, GER, ITA, NLD & UK.
(***) EU-10 represents the new EU member states that joined on 1 May 2004, namely: CYP, CZE, EST, HUN, LTU, LVA, MLT, POL, SVK & SVN.
(****) EU-25 represents all member states of the EU as of 1 May 2004 (see EU-15 and EU-10 for a full country list).
(*****) Eurozone represents all countries in the eurozone as of 1 January 2001, namely: AUT, BEL, ESP, FIN, FRA, GER, GRC, IRL, ITA, LUX, NLD & PRT.
(******) EurozoneEx represents the Eurozone countries for which growth accounting could be performed, namely: AUT, BEL, ESP, FIN, FRA, GER, ITA & NLD.

Downloadable country files in Txt format:

For the use of the EU KLEMS dataseries in statistical programs we have constructed txt files (comma separated) of the Excel files displayed above. These files contain the data of all countries and variables. We have made a distinction between all countries and EU aggregates. Please note that these text files are not updated on a regular basis and might contain older vintages of the dataset. If you want to be sure of having the most recent data, we would suggest to look at the Excel files. The EU KLEMS Excel files can be reformatted into txt files using the following macro: EUKLEMSFlatFile Creator.

Countries covered Text files Packed files Description
All Countries Basic Files All Basic TXT (16.3 MB) All Basic ZIP (7.5 MB) ALL Basic Readme
All Countries Additional Files All Add. TXT (13.3 MB) All Add. ZIP (6.2 MB) ALL Add. Readme
EU Aggregates Basic Files EU TXT (2.5 MB) EU ZIP (1.2 MB) EU Basic Readme
EU Aggregates Additional Files EU TXT (2.5 MB) EU ZIP (1.2 MB) EU Add. Readme
All Capital Input Files All Capital TXT (16.0 MB) All Capital ZIP (7.1 MB) All Capital Readme
All Labour Input Files There are no Labour Input Files available in this release.

Purchasing Power Parities:

The following purchasing power parities were used for the construction of the regional aggregates:

Other EU KLEMS Releases:

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The construction of this database is financially supported by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, “Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs” and as part of the 7th Framework Programme, Theme 8: Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities, Grant agreement no: 225 281. Any errors or omissions are entirely the responsibility of the GGDC (Groningen Growth and Development Centre). For comments and suggestions please send an email to

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